We welcome all breeds of dogs within our kennels with a dedicated ‘toy block’ for the small dogs and a main block for the larger size dogs. We aim to provide every dog with a good experience so that when they next visit, it’s with a happy face and a waggy tail.

Each owner and dog is treated as an individual and we try to accommodate likes and dislikes wherever possible. Dogs are able to stay with us just for the day to give you peace of mind if you have an appointment, through to 2 months for those that spend the winter abroad.

All dogs have enrichment opportunities while staying with us. This involves them doing what they like best, toys, treats, puzzles, fuss, games.

We also have heat lamps for those dogs that require extra warmth.
We are happy to administer medication including insulin injections.

The Kennel cough vaccination we encourage it but do not insist on it. However if given it must be more than 2 weeks before their kennel stay

Main Block

This is a block of brick built kennels with tiled floors of varying sizes suitable for all sizes of dog. There is plenty of room for 2 dogs from the same family to share.

Each kennel has a hatch which is open all day for the dogs to choose whether they wish to go outside into their run or lounge about inside. In the evening, their hatch is closed so they stay snug and warm. Each room has either a raised bed or a plastic bed filled with a comfy blanket. You are welcome to bring any bedding or toys that you wish to make your dog feel more at home.

Toy Block

This is a block of 10 inside kennels suitable for the small or very young dogs. The kennels are brick built and have tiled floors. Each dog is provided with a plastic basket, containing comfy bedding. There are 2 secure areas attached so the dogs get plenty of exercise outside if they want to. Many small dogs prefer this block because they are away from the bigger dogs. Again you are welcome to bring any bedding, toys or treats with them to make them feel more at home.


Small - Medium

collie and smaller


per day

Large - Giant

Labrador and bigger


per day

Small - Medium


per day

Large - Giant


per day

1 of each category


per day

The price is charged for the day of arrival and the day of departure unless collected by 9.30am

3 or more dogs

Please contact the kennels for a price as discounts may be available.

A fun, active environment

    We have a large grass exercise area for the dogs to run and play.
    We have a new concrete play area with an assortment of toys to suit dogs who like to tug or fetch
    We have a small excersise area where the dogs can enjoy time away from their kennel.
    All our individual outdoor runs are now covered which allows our guests to spend time outside whilst remaining dry in wet weather.
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We no longer routinely offer full grooming, however we will be having specified dates where grooming will be available by a city and guilds qualified groomer. These dates will be posted on this website when available. We still offer baths every day.