All kennels are brick built with a tiled floor, a bit like a small room. During the day the dogs can choose whether to be inside or outside, and at night they are shut inside.

Please note that the small dogs are in indoor kennels, and regularly go out to the exercise area.

All the blocks have heating in the evening and overnight.

Everything is provided, but you are welcome to bring any bedding, toys or treats that your dog is safe to be left with, along with any bedding. This is especially important with puppies.

You are also able to bring your own dog food if you prefer.

All clients will be required to produce all vaccination certificates upon arrival in order to board their pets at Marsh Lea. Kennel cough vaccination is encouraged but not essential.

No, each dog has his own kennel and is exercised separately, although dogs from the same family may share.

We provide various kinds of both wet and dry food suitable for all types of dogs. We do not provide any ‘non-specific’ dog food such as chicken, mince, tripe, cheese or fish. You are however welcome to provide any of these for your dog. We have both a fridge and freezer for storage. Please cook if necessary and bag up in individual portions. We also advise that all puppies come in with their own food.

The larger dogs are either lead walked on our lane, or free run in our exercise area. The smaller dogs have 2 exercise areas specifically for them and they will go there several times a day.

Do not worry. We are quite used to noisy dogs and will try to kennel your dog in a calmer area.