Coronavirus Opening Protocol

We are open from the 1st June for both day care and boarding, subject to the following protocol received from the council. Please read carefully and contact us if you have any queries.

1. During this crisis every arrival and departure is by appointment only to ensure only one client is on the premises at any one time.

2. Please telephone to announce your arrival from within your car

3. The booking in process will take place outside on our driveway wherever possible. If it is necessary for both staff and client to go into reception then face coverings should be worn by both parties.

4. When the member of staff arrives, one person only should get out of the car and the paperwork completed at a safe 2 metre distance.

5. The owner then gets the dog out of the car and attaches the lead to the hook by reception and then retreats 2 metres.

6. The staff member then swops the lead for a kennel lead and gives the dog’s lead back.

7. Any food/ medication brought needs to be in a wipe-down container.

8. The vaccination card still needs to be shown.

9. We regret that we have been advised not to accept any toys / bedding at this time.

10. You will be informed of your bill on arrival, so that if payment is to be made in cash then the correct amount can be brought for departure. However cards are acceptable.

11. When arriving to collect your dog, again this is by appointment, please telephone to announce your arrival.

12. The member of staff will come outside to sort out payment.

13. The member of staff will bring your dog and attach him/her to the hook outside reception and retreat.

14. The owner can then move forward and collect the dog and swop the kennel lead for their own lead.

15. Please rest assured that social distancing is being maintained at all times, hand sanitisers / hand washing is being done frequently, especially after handling any dogs and all surfaces that any client has touched are being wiped down. Dogs are being wiped down with a damp cloth upon arrival.