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Dogs are housed in modern kennels of varying sizes with their own external run. There is also a separate block for toy dogs with internal kennels and their own separate exercise area. Dogs are exercised once daily and have a regular playtime session.

Each dog has its own sleeping area with a comfortable bed and heating when required. If you would like to bring your own pet's bed you are welcome to do so. Each kennel is sterilised before and after use.

One of the kennel blocks
Inside one of the kennels
The dogs' play area


If your dog or cat requires any medication prescibed by your Vet, we will administer it at no extra charge.

Veterinary Treatment

All vet bills are the responsibility of the owner.


We stock a wide range of dried & tinned food for dogs and cats. If your pet requires a special diet that we do not provide you are welcome to bring your own food. Your pets are fed once or twice daily as per your instructions. Puppies can have a third meal if required. Fresh water is available at all times.

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